Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen Collection!

i shud have some pictures but sry for the 'dodgy' title, anyway my cameraphone is coming soon i hope.

last nite i finally got my hands on two hard-to-find figures, one of it even costs up to RM120 in most hobby shops u can find around KL but i got them for cheap(er). thx to this hobby shop in Damansara Utama SS21.

well i gonna explain how these figures/toys works. in fact, these toys AREN'T that expensive, as seen in hobby shop. its RETAIL PRICE is about 50% cheaper, well that's if u can find them off-the-shelf in jusco, parkson, metrojaya, carrefour, giant, toy'r'us etc etc. since m'sian are crazy especially on t'formers, buying off-the-shelf is like digging in a gold mine, its treasure.

specifically on transformers, two company has the official rights to release its toys - Hasbro and Takara. Hasbro is available internationally, TFs in juscos and parksons are from Hasbro. for Takara to be available locally, usually they are shipped by local hobbyist and to be sold at higher price.

Now into Takara, it has PERFECT and FACTORY-REJECT grade. the difference between these two grades aren't obvious, could be some paint-dent or imperfection, unsolid finishing, dented surface etc etc. Other than that, they are similar. Althou FACTORY-REJECT should be sold at lower price, but due to its demand, the price is parred with the PERFECT condition, or slightly lower.

the terms i've used here isn't the international standard (hahaha) but its based on my understanding.


Evolution in Socializing

Throughout my lifetime, it was ICQ > MIRC > MSN. Meeting up online and chitchatting with a bunch of friends or new friends has becoming a norm to our social life. My group of friends was discussing about this new girl that popped out in the tuition centre and the easiest way to ‘get’ to her is via MSN method. Well, the new girl in the tuition centre thing is not the issue here but the socialization has evolved here. How often do we meet up with our friends and talk up face-to-face?

Ahh speaking for face, this whole cyber-social networking has yet evolved, does it ring any bell? Initially it was Friendster, where their user uses it as ‘a means to an end’ to meet up or find new friends from behind a monitor or LCD screen. That redefines social networking, once and for all! People are no more getting afraid to approach other people, or make new friends, make enquires or such. Well lemme put my past behind because I no longer using Friendster and I introduce Facebook! Actually the main reason I left Friendster is that users are allowed to change their profile layout and I was irritated by most of these ‘fancy’ layouts that causes me ‘seeing stars’.

My past experience with Facebook is horrid. To me, Facebook WAS full of crappy apps and I will receive tons of invitations to Disney Land! I was hoping for the real Disney Land thou. But later at times I realize the wonders of Facebook; you can tag your friends in a photo, play games with your friends and compare their scores, follow on updates on your friends, chat online and almost that is about it and everything else. Tell me if opening your browser and go to Facebook is not your first thing to do when you switch on your computer or laptop.

With the advancement in Internet access, I am referring to availability of Wi-Fi here, users can update their status, upload photos, telling their friends what are they doing currently from anywhere, anytime! This has certainly cut down the time and space involved by traditional communication mean – meeting up. People from different world’s end could be as close as several kilobytes away.

Witnessing all these ‘advancement’ in social networking, I began to imagine if one day I would celebrate my birthday with Facebook, welcome to my birthday party folks! Or maybe in future Facebook would come out with an extension called FaceMovies or something like that where friends can go to a movie screening virtually! I have not heard of anything like that before, well if you do it’s my bad for not being up-to-date. But if you haven’t, remember that you hear it here first!

People who are so into Facebook could easily get cyber-stalked. By the way I was saying this meaning that you doesn’t want it, or you want it. Whatever you are doing, wherever you go, how was your test earlier, how does the new chicken rice stall tastes, how do you find about him, Manchester United won last night; you post them up. With the enhancement of mobile Facebooking where posting was never been easier, you are giving out yourself. Alright my point here is that you may attract some unwanted friends. I’m not sure will it become a threat but, just my 2 cents…

Broadband is getting broader, indicating all features of Internet has a bigger room to grow. We used to see only plain text websites with a few pictures and now most of the websites are Flashy (Adobe Flash powered), animated with music and sounds, becoming more and more interactive. So my future insight is, things like Facebook or maybe Facebook itself will evolve into perhaps, fully-visually-integrated space that its user can customize to his/her own liking. And maybe live streaming on-the-go. And everything could just replace what’s physical.

As an IT person, I am amazed by how technology changes life. Everything comes in good and bad, so the only thing we could manage is the balance. And what do you think? Post up your piece of mind and thanks for reading and sharing =)

Recovered from a deadly worm..

yeah its weekend! and I just saved my infected computer from a worm called Downadup which is a hassle to remove... It's been like years or never since my last virus attack on my comp. well it didn't matter at all...

so its saturday what i planning to do is, visit some DJ academies n check out their offered courses and hunt for some Transformers (TF). DJing? WTF?? yeah its one of my many wishes as to learn DJing, since I am having my own income already I can afford to learn one without asking money from my mom! haha.. a lot of planning has to be done; u gotta pay for the courses and maybe u gotta buy the gears and that's expensive (its just like buying 2 PS3).

So i got two academies in my pocket to pick, one is DJ Fuzz Mixology DJ Academy and another is Excessive Records of Bryan Burger (thanks to Xu of LAPSAP for his recommendation). SO... i gonna go down to their respective studios and check them out. DJ Fuzz, as if he isnt famous enough to be the one of the HitzDivisionParty DJ and its more to HipHop, while Bryan is into Trance & Dance.

So i hope i could come to a perfect conclusion for myself at the end of day :)

GE Life Is Great....!

well basically GE stands for Great Eastern, and yeah I'm currently working in the IT dept. there till next friday. i'm just a stand-in for a colleague who has to be away for some reason. working here is nice as in the ppl are friendly but nothing much i can do here. besides work, i cannot log in to my MSN and their firewall blocks many of the websites out there (eg. Facebook). but well not blogspot as i'm posting from GE here..

traffic to come here and back home is terribly shucks! everywhere u see are red lights of rear side of vehicle.. luckily petrol, toll and parking costs can be claimed from my manager, but still getting into traffic jam sux big time...

however, even they can block me from accessing FB, i still can play my MouseHunt and GhostTrappers. how? i'll know how to bypass the security checks and roadblocks in the firewall ;D and thx to that, i'm half less boring! i dunno if what i'm doing is illegal, but its legal as long as you're not caught, right?

Blast from the Past; back to blogging

wow i actually has a blogspot account, see when did i created one from my last post! after reading my frens' blog all and i think i shud have one too. last time i used to blog (a lot) frienster blog but not anymore. still very new to and kinda 'malas' to find out on various 'HOW-TO' to enhance my blog (perhaps tmr..)

on top of that my convo has just ended. everyone says convo is juz a ceremony and i thought the same too. Indeed it was 'just' a ceremony, but the best part is still the photographing session becoz that is when u go back to the old days and speak up with ur frens. seriously i miss those days when we're at campus becoz we were so carefree, well not really! haha. kinda stressful course becoz its tough n u gotta march the fight everyday to move on. it aint about what's waiting on the another side, its the climb that matters (miley cyrus - climb xD)

yet still i have not met my fellow foundationers from sg long and i miss them big time. due to the different in time slot, we're bound not to meet up in a gown.

anyway i wanna thank my fellow coursemates (if u guys ever read my blog...) for being part of the climb and if i offended u in a way or another pls do forgive my arrogance (i admit i was, i am...?)

thx FAMA for their support n big-time convo pressy :D

u guys out there, act smart coz that's how we do. cheers~


i started to blogging already?? i've read a few blogs n i suddenly feel like writing one.. those blogs i've read are quite interesting; the way they present things and all. i'll see wat i can do...

They would call me a nerd for what I do; I play computer games, techies-savvy, collect toys&figures... But I do also loves music a lot. I put having fun in front of anything else in life and I believe that idea came after i survived a terrible car accident. So head up and walk forward and do whatever you want!